Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Review] Silver: Acheron (A River of Pain)

Author: Keira Telford

Publish Date: Nov. 30, 2011 by Venatic Press, 162 pages

Rating: 4/5

Series: Silver #1

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Set in the time of 2342, Silver takes place in a world much different than ours. The world, along with the few humans that are left, are separated into two sections. The rich live in The Sentinel district, and the poor live in The Fringe district. 

Our main character here is named Silver and she is a member of the Hunter Division - basically the police force at this time. One of her jobs is the control and eliminated the Chima, fierce flesh-eating monsters. They out number the humans almost two dozen to one. 

On night while on the job she finds a nest of Chimera and a girl living among them. Knowing she has to get the girl away from them she attempts to smuggle her into the Fringe but is quickly caught and thrown in prison. 

Prison in this time is not like ours. It's a fight for survival day in and day out. So it's not surprise that Silver takes the opportunity to get out of there when they need her to infiltrate the criminal underworld. 

Don't let the not-so-great cover fool you. Silver is a gritty, dark but well-done fantasy read. While I would've really liked the book to be longer. (I typically don't read anything shorter than 200 pages as a rule). The book kept me interested enough to check out the second in the series. So far there are five. 

The writing here is very descriptive and helps the reader paint the scene in their mind. Nothing is worse than a book where you can't fully imagine the scenes and people as the story plays out. Telford gives her readers plenty to go on and that's a valuable skill to have. 

I really enjoy Silver as a main character since she's a bit of a badass heroine. This gets a nice 4/5 from me. The best part is that it's only 0.99 on Amazon.  

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