Sunday, May 12, 2013

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - Favorite book of your favorite series... "Clockwork Prince" by Cassandra Clare

Yesterday I revealed that the Infernal Devices series was one of my favorites. Out of the two books that I've had a chance to read so far it was number two, "Clockwork Prince" that came out on top for me.

At the end of book one we're left with a bit of a cliff hanger that had me begging for book two to come out sooner. When it did, it answered all my questions and flawlessly continued the story line from earlier. In the "Clockwork Angel" I connected with all of the three main characters, Tessa, Will and Jem. All the while rooting for Tessa and Will to be together.

Then in "Clockwork Prince," Jem came out of the woodwork and surprised me by getting more involved with Tessa that I would have guessed. But I love both Jem and Will so really if she ends up with either one it's fine with me.

We also find out more about what happened to Tessa brother. And we see more of Magnus Bane who is a character in the Mortal Instruments series and a character that I enjoy so much.

I can't wait to get my hands on the third book and see if it's better than it's predecessors. Until then, "Clockwork Prince" will remain by favorite book of my favorite series.

Coming up tomorrow: A book that makes me happy :)

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  1. Love your challenges, what a great idea! Thanks for the follow on! :)