Review Requests

*** As of right now, I am no longer taking review requests. Sorry for the inconvenience. ***


Review Requests

The steps for requesting your book to be reviewed on Book Nerd Paradise is pretty simple:

1. Write a decent book.

2. E-mail me at and politely ask if I will accept your book. I'll get back to you with a yes or no. *Disclaimer: Even though I may accept a book that does not mean I will write a review.*

**Please note that you will not be accepted if you can't follow these very simple rules. Your email will be deleted on sight. 

3. Follow me on Twitter

4. If accepted, sit back and read the awesome that flows from my fingertips. 

Genres I prefer

- Fantasy
- YA 
- NA
- Paranormal
- Science fiction

Genres I have no interest in reading and reviewing

- Contemporary romance
- Erotica
- Contemporary fiction
- Non-fiction of any kind

Guest bloggers

I would love to have more guest bloggers and contributors on my blog. The steps for becoming one are almost the same as above. Just email me and we can chat about it. 

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