Friday, June 14, 2013

[Review] Untimed

Author: Andy Gavin

Publish Date: Dec. 17, 2012 by Mascherato, 325 pages

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Fantasy, YA, steampunk

Untimed by Andy Gavin is another great read for those who love steampunk. (And if you don't know what steampunk is exactly, just scroll down to the guest post by Pauline Creeden).

Meet Charlie, our main character, who is the kind of kid that gets forgotten. Even by his own mother. Life can be rough when no one remembers you, and it's especially hard on your love life.

Soon Charlie finds himself in a whirlwind of adventure when a strange clockwork man tries to kill him. One second he's in modern day Philadelphia and the next he finds himself transported back to 1725 London.

There he meets a girl who he might actually have a shot at - even if she does come with a lot of baggage - and the famous Ben Franklin at age 19.

Charlie and Yvaine have to work together to save the future and Charlie learns all about being a time traveler.

This book was a great read for me because it had a fantastic mashup of things I enjoy. I've only delved into a little steampunk here and there but so far I've really enjoyed the genre. Untimed is also a little bit fantasy and part sci-fi with a dash of mystery thrown in. All of which are things that make for a great read. It's also classified as YA but I think this is one of those books that's really for any age.

As far as the writing goes, I knew this was going to be something I like based solely on the blurb. It's well written but in a fun way. You can tell Mr. Gavin has put a lot of work and elbow grease into polishing this book.

I really enjoyed all the characters and well as the time travel aspect. I'm a bit of a history buff so I love when I get that 1700s setting that ties in with major historical characters.
Over all Untimed gets 4.5 stars and a pat on the back from me. I will definitely be looking for more from this author.

About Andy Gavin

Andy Gavin is an unstoppable storyteller who studied for his Ph.D. at M.I.T. and founded video game developer Naughty Dog, Inc. at the age of fifteen, serving as co-president for two decades. 

There he created, produced, and directed over a dozen video games, including the award winning and best selling Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter franchises, selling over 40 million units worldwide. He sleeps little, reads novels and  histories, watches media obsessively, travels, and of course, writes.



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