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[Review & Giveaway] Obsidian



by Kimberly Loth

Publish date: February 17, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3/5

Goodreads summary

Aspen -- a skydiving, rock-climbing, bear-cuddling -- adrenaline junkie, finds herself in real danger when she unwittingly ensnares the heart of Obsidian, the dragon king.

My thoughts

As you can see, there's not much of a summary to go on for this one. Hopefully I can help fill in the blanks so you can decide for yourself. 

Obsidian is a quick read at around 200 pages but it's compelling enough to make you want to read straight through. 

Our MC is Aspen, which is a name a really love here. It shows her outdoorsy nature. Aspen loves taking pictures of dragon, even though most people think they eat humans. Then, we have Obsidian, the newly-minted dragon king who must spend ten years in his human form before he can take his place as ruler. Aspen meets Obsidian in dragon form and she's in absolute awe. However, the human version, Sid, isn't one she cares for

The majority of Obsidian is spent looking at both sides of this love story.  Sid spends his time trying to win Aspens affections, while she spends her time actively avoiding him. In between, we meet a lot of other dragons and we learn more about the dragon way of life.

The reason I only gave it 3 stars was the lack of character development. There's a lot of telling instead of showing going on. Aspen keeps saying how she's so awesome, she's such a daredevil and an adrenaline junkie, she does things no one else would dare to do. First, she never does any of these things, the most dangerous thing she does is talk to a dragon. Secondly, you're not as cool as you think you are if you keep having to tell everyone about it. It's like those hipster kids who go around telling everyone they're totally not mainstream and they think so differently than everyone else

The romance also needed a lot of work. They fell in love pretty quickly but it didn't really develop. It just kind of happened between one page and the next. Actually, it was a bit nonchalant for Obsidian. All of a sudden he decided he's in love.

One last thing I want to mention is that cover. It's fantastic and I love it. 

** I was provided a copy of this book in return for an honest review

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About Kimberly Loth

Kimberly Loth can’t decide where she wants to settle down. She’s lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina. She finally decided
to make the leap and leave the U.S. behind for a few years. Currently, she lives in
Cairo, Egypt with her husband and two kids.

She is a high school math teacher by day (please don’t hold that against her) and YA author by night. She loves romantic movies, chocolate, roses, and crazy adventures. Kissed is her first novel.

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