Monday, February 1, 2016

Chapter Break Bookish Bingo: January 2016

Hosted by Chapter Break, here's a recap of the rules: Share your bingo card at the end of each month and list the of books you used to fill in each of the squares. Link up your post and we’ll plug the winner for each month’s bingo card. For funsies, we’ll also do a quarterly raffle for all participants.

My card

So here's what I read this month. I got 13 squares this time. 
1. Dead body - The V Girl
2. Werewolf - Burned by Magic
3. Set in a city - Thief of Lies
4. Artist/poet/writer - Curse of the Sphinx
5. Fae/fairy - Gifted Thief 
6. Freebie! - Woot!
7. Jock - Curse of the Spinx
8. Aliens - Under Different Stars
9. Demons - The Demon Princess
10. Friends to lovers - The Institute
11. Popular tourist location - Thief of Lies
12. Playboy - Henchgirl
13. Fairy tale retelling - Heart of Ice

This is a great start to the year. Let's hope I can keep it going!

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