Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back in the proverbial saddle

Sometimes I classify my love of reading as an addiction, which can sometimes be a bad thing. When I get in my reading zone I put everything else on hold - my life, my sleep and my sanity. It gets to the point where I'm reading one or two books a day and surviving on three hours of sleep. 

This is how I feel I look like during those dark, sleep deprived times in my life:

So sometimes I like to go MIA for a few weeks (or five months in this case) to let my brain and my pocketbook recuperate. 

Now that I'm refreshed and back in the saddle more reviews will be coming. 

In the mean time here are a few quick pics from books I've read since I went virtually missing.

My Ex From Hell by Tellulah Darling
Stars: 3
Pros: An great read from Greek mythology lovers like me. It has an interesting take on the story of Persephone and it doesn't go the traditional route like the old myths. It was action packed and a good page turner. 
Cons: The language is a bit childish at times but the main character is a teenager. Also, the main character was kept in the dark about a lot of things for no reason at all. Mostly, I feel it was because the author didn't want to show her hand. 

This Blood (Grace Allen Series #1) by Alisha Basso
Stars: 4
Pros: A well written book that kept me guessing. The main character all of a sudden finds herself an all-powerful being but is controlled by those who seek to use her power for not so nice things. 
Cons: I would have liked the main character to have more inner dilemma when it came to the love interest. He's a bad guy but he treats her well so she's kinda cool with it. Not cool for me. 

Obsidian Souls by Donna Augustine
Stars: 3.5
Pros: An interesting read about demons, some aren't as evil as everyone thinks. The heroine is pretty kick ass once she stops feeling sorry for herself. 
Cons: Not enough build up for the relationship between the two main characters. I'm a reader who needs a reason for them to be together. I don't want them to fall in love just because it fits the storyline. 

Alone: Girl in the Box #1 Robert J. Crane
Stars: 4
Pros: A little bit of a darker read about superhumans and their abilities. It has an enjoy about heroine who isn't too terribly boy crazy.  
Cons: There wasn't enough conflict for me. The people she turns to in her greatest time of need end up being the good guys. It was a little too perfect for my taste. 

Memory's Wake by Seline Fenech
Star: 4
Pros: This is a well written book for those who enjoy high fantasy. A girl winds up in a strange land with no memories. It's a bit darker and sometimes memories are better left forgotten. 
Cons: The final battle was a little too quick for me and the main character jealousy was a bit annoying at time. She became a little whiny. 

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