Friday, May 22, 2015

Memorial Weekend Read-a-thon: Goal Setting

I stumbled across this on Facebook somehow, and even though I always seem to be the last one to sign up for these kinds of things, I love taking part in something that gets my reading and writing brain fired up. 

Host by Jessica over at Lovin' los libros, the read-a-thon is pretty simple. Everyone's goals seem to be about reading and getting ahead on review and blog posts. I decided to follow the trend because I need a little push in both directions.


1. I have so many books that are half-read for whatever reason. I'm going to finish up at least 5 this weekend. I have not decided which ones yet. (I'll update if I decide)

2. I've got at least 5 more reviews that need to be written and 3 discussion topics. I plan on getting all of those done. 

3. And of course, I'll be checking out the twitter happenings at #memorialreadathon. 

4. Bonus: Plan ahead!

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