Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An update and a bookmark giveaway, because why not?


It's been a while since I've done an update. Life is good. Summer is almost upon us, which means beautiful weather, sand volleyball and beer league softball. Can't really get much better in my opinion. 

Here's a random photo of one of my cats. Enjoy.
Everything is pretty good at the moment. I'm still working two jobs (gotta get dat money), but my roommates are I are welcoming a puppy into the mix in three days! She's an 11-week old lab/shepherd mix with a bit of beagle thrown in there. We're very excited and I'm sure many pictures are to follow. 

A few weeks ago I was bored one day and decided to work on some design projects. I'm both a writer and a designer (through I'm better at writing) and I've always got some project or another going on. I decided to combine it with another one of my hobbies, reading. And so my printable bookmarks were born. We all know that bibliophiles can never have enough bookmarks. 

So to kick off my Etsy shop, and because I haven't had a giveaway in a while, I decided to hook up some people with some of the printables. This is just a feel good, fun giveaway to celebrate the turning weather and my great mood today.

Coming up

I've also got some fun things coming in the next few months. My birthday is a little more than a month away, and to celebrate I'm holding another giveaway and blog hop. I will be 26 years old (shudders) on May 4, which also happens to be Star Wars day. I'll be giving some Star Wars swag away as well as having some fun posts. 

Here's what going on: I was born 5/4/1989 and I will be 26 and I love numbers. Posts will include 26 facts about me, 5 authors to follow, 4 bloggers to know and the tricky part will be 89. My goal is to get 89 bloggers to join the hop and share in the Star Wars theme. If you dig the sound of that, be sure to check back for the sign up link. 


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