Monday, March 23, 2015

Fantasy Favorites Read-A-Thon: Day 1

Just getting started

So it's day 1 of the Fantasy Favorites Read-A-Thon. Things are just getting started and I can't wait for all that is to come.
Read-A-Thon progress: 20 of 889 pages. I decided to start with Green Rider by Kristen Britain. So far, it's been more challenging than I thought it would be. First, because the book is very descriptive; I have to slow down my reading pace so I can take everything in. Secondly, today I work about 12 hours between my two job. That makes it tough to get a ton of readying done. But fear not! The rest of the week will be blue skies from here on out. Meaning that I will shut myself in my room and get lost in a world of fantasy.

Today, we're taking some photographic evidence of what goes on behind the screen. 

1. Your Bookshelf.

Please excuse how messy my bookshelf is. I live with two roommates in a small house, so I try to keep my books on a leash in the limited space. I switched to reading mostly ebooks a few years ago to save on space. Most of what you see on these shelves predate that switch. 

2. Your TBR pile.

I went out and bought physical copies last night just so I could take a picture of them. I also managed to make a new bookstore record for myself. I managed to spend less than 30 minutes and $30 at Barnes and Noble. That has never happened before. 

3. Where you will be reading this week.

This picture qualifies for both number 3 and 4. It's my reading corner, complete with my thrift shop chair that I only got to my house by tying it to the trunk of my car with jumper cables. It's also never that clean, I did that just for you guys.


4. Your blogging space.

Since my blogging space is the same as my reading space, I decided to include a picture of my reading/blogging companions. Those two are my 4-year-old fur babies. (I'm a cat lady. #sorrynotsorry). I've usually got one curled in my lap or sitting on the back of that chair. But of course, they refused to pose for a picture. Aptly, they are name Artemis and Athena from Greek mythology.


5. Your favourite fantasy book.

Why does everyone want me to chose these things? Don't you know it is statistically impossible! OK fine, here are a few of my recent favorites. 

6. A book in your bookshelf that includes: aliens, magic, dragons, mythology or is steampunk.

I didn't have pictures for this one so I just went with its cover art.  My Boyfriend Merlin has got Arthurian mythology, magic AND dragons.

7. Your fantasy books sorted by colour.

This one I actually couldn't do, due to my lack of physical copies. But I love dark covers so there would be a lot of that.

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